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Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ)            

Can ProSpec CRM allocate tasks to other users?

Yes - this is one of the key features of ProSpec CRM. If you want a certain task to be followed up by one of your collegues, then that task can be allocated by you to that colleague. You will also be able to track that task and check when it has been completed.

How flexible is the ProSpec range of software?

Everyone works slightly differently, even within the same industry! The ProSpec range of software is built to be extremely flexible and can be configured to meet most needs and workflows within your business.

Does ProSpec Recruitment Software link with SAGE Payroll Professional?

Yes and in addition, ProSpec can link with most standard Payroll packages.

Does ProSpec Recruitment Software link with SAGE Line50 Accounts?

Yes - this means that the Sales ledger will be updated with any invoices that you produce in Prospec thereby reducing duplication of work. We can also integrate with other major software packages.

Can the ProSpec range of software be used from home?

Yes - there are many ways that people want to work and we can offer flexibility that will allow to access the ProSpec database that you are using from anywhere in the world! In addition to this, we have Online Timesheet and Vendor Management facilities that allow access by your clients and candidates from anywhere in the world!


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"I spent around 2 years at tending exhibitions and demonstrations but never found what I was looking for until I discovered ProSpec, it is without doubt the best product on the market and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend it to any recruitment company. "

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