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Let ProSpec do all the work for you         

Your clients naturally demand a thoroughly efficient, professional recruitment service. That’s why they chose you. Now thanks to ProSpec, you can offer your clients a premium service, and at the same time benefit from a more efficient and motivated workforce.
With ProSpec on board you will immediately see the benefits.
Because everything is so streamlined, it speeds up the time it takes to provide your client with the correct match. All day to day tasks are simplified allowing you to work more efficiently. And, of course, your database is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world – a real bonus for employers.

You’ll save a considerable amount of money too – on administration, on staff hours, on postage and more besides. And remember, you get unlimited FREE support too! So why not sit back and let ProSpec's range of software do all the work for you? Then you can get on with your real job – growing your business.

To summarise, ProSpec helps you:

• Increase sales
• Impress your clients
• De-stress your staff
• Gain a competitive edge
• Boost profits
• Enhance your company’s reputation
• Reduce administration costs
• Improve your consultants’ productivity (and earnings!)
• Increase margins and fee rates
• Reduce debtor days and minimise bad debts


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"I spent around 2 years at tending exhibitions and demonstrations but never found what I was looking for until I discovered ProSpec, it is without doubt the best product on the market and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend it to any recruitment company. "

Ian Griffiths Match Recruitment