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Managing temps the easy way           

ProSpec’s Temp Desk is ideal for the efficient management of temps and contractors. Your staff don’t even need a great deal of computer skills, as all the information is available to them at the click of a mouse. ProSpec’s Temp Desk makes the entire process quick and easy – from taking client bookings right through to entering timesheets and billing.

You can view all your bookings for any particular week on just one screen. You can immediately see any under/over bookings. You can add new bookings, change existing ones, add placements, re-book and see staff availability  - all in the same place.

And it doesn’t stop there. With ProSpec Recruitment Software, you can quickly organise any transport arrangements, nominate drivers and passengers, and view all related costs. These costs can then be added to the payroll and invoiced automatically.

ProSpec Temp Desk lets you:

• Enjoy all the features of the Perm Desk module
• Store availability for each candidate
• Override for specific weeks to account for holidays
• View bookings by week and/or person
• Manage transport arrangements
• Send SMS/email to candidates
• Complete a quick-register of new candidates
• Automatically produce application forms and legal documentation
• Exclude candidates from particular sites
• Re-book for contract or booking extensions in one click
• Automatically invoice timesheets
• Automatically produce all contract paperwork
• Produce a payroll report
• Track contractor invoices due and when paid

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"I spent around 2 years at tending exhibitions and demonstrations but never found what I was looking for until I discovered ProSpec, it is without doubt the best product on the market and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend it to any recruitment company. "

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