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WEBProspec: Online Timesheet Entry 

This product offers a simple and clear timesheet that will allow your employees and contractors to enter their weekly timesheet from whereever they have access to the internet. It gives a clear path that is configurable to follow the line of authority that appears in your organisation.

It has essentially been developed to work as a stand-alone system but is fully integrate with our main ProSpec Recruitment Software giving a seamless process that is clear and easy to follow. WEBProSpec ONline Timesheets is built utilising the latest .NET technology and Microsoft SQL databases making it easy to integrate with most other software systmes that you may already have in place to run such operations as Payroll and HR.

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"I spent around 2 years at tending exhibitions and demonstrations but never found what I was looking for until I discovered ProSpec, it is without doubt the best product on the market and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend it to any recruitment company. "

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